Love You More - Mantra Cuff Bracelet

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Love You More - Mantra Cuff Bracelet
Love You More - Mantra Cuff Bracelet

If "love you more" is a special saying for you, than this is a perfect way to carry it with you all day.

This hand stamped adjustable cuff is 1/4' in width and is stamped with "love you more". Choose your metal! (Shown in brass)

~DETAILS (Please also read FAQs)~

* My adjustable cuffs are 6" in length and can be formed to almost any wrist size.
* Available in brass, aluminum and copper. Please choose from the drop down menu.
* Brushed finish

PLEASE READ MY SHIPPING/PROCESSING POLICIES. You can find them by clicking this link:

~Every personalized item offered by Genesis One Designs is hand stamped letter by letter with a small punch and hammer. At times the letters may have slight variations in depth, alignment, and spacing. These variations contribute to it's charm and uniqueness and will not compromise the overall look of your piece.



Q: Can I custom order my own saying? And what are character limits?
A: Absolutely! I'd love to create something special for you! Please keep the character count under 30 (including spaces). Message me to create a custom listing.

Q: I would like something stamped on the inside of my cuff, is this possible? And what is the cost?
A: Sure! Just choose that option in the drop down menu. Please remember though, a slight "ghost" impression will be visible on the reverse side so it's best to keep the text short. The extra character charge is $2/bangle. (15 character max)

Q: Do you offer smaller or larger sizes?
A: I custom order the cuff blanks to be 6". All cuffs can be slightly adjusted larger/smaller with a little pressure and should fit wrist sizes 5.75" - 8.25" comfortably. I am willing to discuss special sizing but it will increase cost/turn around time.

Q: How many characters can I add on the outside and inside?
A: There is a 30 character max including spaces on the outside and a 10 character max on the inside.

Q: How do I clean my cuff?
A: From everyday wear, your cuff will get oil from your skin, fingerprint smudges, dirt, etc. To keep your ALUMINUM cuffs looking their best, simply take a polishing cloth and gently rub them down. For your BRASS/COPPER cuffs, you can use hand soap and warm water to remove oils and then try to remove any unwanted patina with a jewelry polishing pad or cloth.

Q: Will I get a gift box?
A: Yep! Every item from Genesis One Designs is placed in a cute box and tied with string. You can see what it looks like in the above photo.



* I always recommend that you remove jewelry before going to bed, showering or
participating in other physical activities. Exposure to chemicals, lotions, sweat, humid
environments, etc. can damage the finish and accelerate the oxidation process (brass and
* Aluminum is fantastic! It is tarnish-free and hypo-allergenic. However, it is a softer metal and
will hold up better if this fact is taken into consideration while wearing.
* You can expect some bending and surface scratches over time (a little more so with
aluminum). This is just something that comes with wearing metal bangles :) You should be
able to gently re-shape your cuffs.
* When you remove your jewelry, gently wipe off skin oils, residue and make-up with a soft

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