Schitt's Creek Sticker Set

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Schitt's Creek Sticker Set
Schitt's Creek Sticker Set

Here are a few designs from our new aesthetic sticker collection! Designed and crafted in our G1D workshop just for you!

This set is from the very popular Schitt's Creek television series. 

Made with Waterproof Vinyl Sticker Paper.

If using to decorate drinkware, hand wash only please.  

Graphics Credit: Character artwork is by the very talented HandMek Designs.


Approx. Dimensions (l x w): 

Characters - ¼ in. x 1 in.

Characters with motel - ¼ in. x ¼ in.

Motel - 1 in. x ¼ in.

"It's my turn to take a selfish." - 1 in. x ¼ in.

"Rose Apothecary" - 1 in. x ¼ in.

"Ok I won't be doing any of that but thank you." - 1 ½ in. x 2 in.

"I'd kill for a good coma right now." - 1 ¾ in. x 2 in.

"Fear not. She hath risen!" - ¾ in. x 2 ¼ in.

"This wine is awful. Get me another glass." - 1 in. x 2 ¼ in.

"I don't skate through life. I walk through really nice shoes." - 1 in. x 2 ¼ in.

"You smell very flammable right now." - ¼ in. x 2 ¼ in.

"I have asked you thrice now for a towel." - 1 ½ in. x ¼ in.

"Love that journey for me." - 1 ½ in. x 2 ¼ in.

"A little bit Alexis." - ¼ in. x 2 in.

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